Steam Locomotives of Australia

Australian railways include a variety of gauges. Having a non-unified rail system has caused significant transportation problems for many years. In the southern states "broad gauge" (5'-3") was used. In the northern state of Queensland, Western Australia and Tasmania a narrow 3'-6" gauge was used. In the sugar cane fields 2' gauge was found. In more recent times Australia has converted some of their system to "standard gauge" (4'-8½). Unlike the railroads of North America where the lines and locomotives were owned and operated by various corporations, Australian mainline railways were government owned and operated. The primary builders of Australian steam locomotives were Fox Walker & Co of England, Victoria Rails Newport Workshop, John Fowler & Co of England, and Perry Engineering to name a few.

Preserved Steam Locomotives In Australia

The links below will display complete lists of surviving steam locomotives in Australia. The lists are organised by state. Within each list the locomotives are sorted by city name and then by wheel arrangement. There are even google map views of many of the locomotives. For even more detailed listings please see this page.

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Specifications of Australian Steam Locomotives

Steve Llanso has provided detailed specifications for many Australian steam locomotives. The data is organized by wheel arrangement and then by railway line/owner.

Virtual Tours of Australian Steam

The photographs below were taken between the years of 1999 and 2012. Most of them are from regions of Queensland and Victoria. There are also some from the Northern Territory.